How to Battle Shoulder, Neck
and Back Pain Caused By
You Sat Crouched At a Screen All Day

Here’s a fact: sitting slouched over for hours at a time places 40% more stress on your spine than the standing.

That’s because you are putting excessive pressure on your back muscles, joints and discs.

A simple way to restore the optimal function of your spine and body, is to invest more time in being horizontal…

Yes…lying the ground. 

…And spending more time there. 

A few minutes a day like this will be a rewarding experience for your sore back. 

 Give it a try... 

After all, the only thing you have to lose is...

 Pain and Suffering.

How to Unload The Spine?

Simply "Unloading" the spine for 15 minutes a day, or less, can offer your aching back a surge of relief.

Here’s how:

Find some clear floor space and lie on your back with your lower legs raised on a chair or a box.

This takes the excessive pressure off the weary discs in your spine and allows them to completely relax. 

The bent-knees position also relaxes tight hamstrings, so they no longer tug on your pelvis, this will allow your back to relax even further.

That's it, simple and easy.

Now go try this one. 

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