Thank You For Participating..

A truth before we speak.

Having killer workouts like a professional athlete will not get you where you want to be... 

It's completely the opposite to what you are looking for.

And If you are a hard-working man, with family and a stressful job - the last thing you want is to over-train, crash the body and additionally stress your life.

"Your family and work are far more important to you."

The last thing you want to do is to expend too much of your energy into the training process.

You are not an athlete..

That’s not your priority. 

And I get it. 

You want to get toned up, melt the fat, and have sufficient energy so you feel good, crash your working days and feel at the peak of your productivity.

While liking yourself in the mirror...

I got your back. 

Let's jump straight to the point. 

What exactly is The Practical Training System?

1. Bodyweight movements (Calisthenics).

2. Crawling.

3. Jumping Rope.

4. Shadow boxing - Playing with a rounded resistance band / and the tennis ball boxing hat.

5. Kettlebells, Dumbbells & gymnastic rings (depending on the goals). You can start without these. 🙂

The main focus is on building your conditioning & aerobic capacity.  

If you are well conditionied - you will have tons of energy and sharpness. 

While having abs and living your life with a smile. 

Because you'll be fast, conditioned and endured - if you fatigue later in the day compared to now, you'll be able to achieve more "wins" today, which automatically makes you more successful, right? :))


And How
 will The Busy Man Benefit of
Doing The Practical Workouts?

(7 Quick Reasons to Believe)

1. You Build The Habit - to include movement in your daily routines - so you enjoy daily results (the positives from the workouts). You know that pleasant post-great-workout feeling - not when being crashed but when  - BEING CHARGED.

2. Time Convenient - 20-25 minute home/outdoor workouts are not that overwhelming as a time investmen, compared with visiting the gym - the time you'll travel + 90 minute session and the time to come back home - 2+ hours investment.. not cool 🙁

3. You get FREEDOM - and develop the powerful skill and knowledge of how to perform efficiently wherever and whenever you decide. On your own rules. Home, Outdoor, the Gym or while Being on the Road. You'll become more adatable human being. Which will diferenciate yourself from everyone around you. You will be different - and everyone will wants to be just like you. :)))

4. Anabolic Hormone Stimulation - if you are a natural training guy (which I assume you are), then you need a frequent stimulation of your hormones. The good ones. That will help you build muscle, lose fat and feel confident. All the time. 20-25 minute workouts, 5-7 times per week will do that for you. 🙂 

5. Myscle Glycogen Replanishment - man, that's the coolest one. When you workout highly frequent - your body is taking the glucose from your food - all the time (until it gets what it needs - then that sugar becomes fat). The best part I've mentioned? You can eat more carbs while melting fat and shredding your body (rice, potatoes, pasta & pizza!). 

6. You'll get conditioned and ready to dominate your life - the shadow boxing, jumping the rope, crawling and doing calisthenics will absolutely transform your attitude to life. Skyrocketing energy levels, confidence, being more focused, sharp-minded individual is what will diferenciate you from everyone else. 

7. IT'S ABOUT YOUR ENGINE - not your biceps. Think about the practical training ideology - as your engine accelerator. If you apply it regularly - your engine will perform well. So will you. And guess who's benefitting by this change? Your whole life. Your spouse, family, kids, colleagues, friends, work... Your engine is the one that's creating the impact. Not your biceps.

8. You will have fun by being physically & mentally challenged. Which is the hottie part here. If you have fun and be constantly engaged, you will never get bored. So you will love it. And when that happens, you'll stick to it, be consistent and get results. Consistent, meaningful results. 


If you are seeking for a training program's outcomes - similar with the ones above..

Then I can show you how exactly to begin with the Practical Training.


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