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Business Owner, Traveller and Father of a 6 year old girl.

"Investment in my future"

" My life was mess. Crucial decisions to make every day, lot of business trips and Constant stress. Vladimir helped me change from bodybuilding to his Functional Training System. Now I workout all around the world without wasting time finding a suitable gym. All I need is 20-30 minutes time and I'm ready to Go." 


Master Chef

"Vlad - The GIANT"

" I used to train like a maniac, until I tried Vladimir's workout approach. Now I train much less, perform short workouts at home and get better results! I am fitter, have more energy and not exhausted after a workout anymore. I Highly recommend Vlad’s system "


Massage Thereapist and a Father of Twin Boys

"Super easy to work with"

" My profession as a massage therapist requires constant energy, focus and strength endurance. By following Vladimir's training advice, I was able to improve all of these needs, and the result? My working days became a real pleasure, now in the evenings I have energy to play with the boys and be more connected to my family. "


"Lost the fat, feel amazing"

" For 60 days, I've lost 17lbs while keeping my muscle mass. I'm more conditioned and focused at work. Really great job. Vlad is - the man. "

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