21 Total Body HIIT Exercises (Bodyweight Conditioning)

21 total body HIIT exercises. 21 bodyweight conditioning moves that will fire up every muscle in your body. Ready for this calisthenics challenge? Let's work!


21 Total Body HIIT Exercises (Bodyweight Conditioning)

How To Use This Total Body HIIT Exercise List?

Ready for a 21 day HIIT training challenge? Here is how to use this total body hiit exercise list (Play The Video Above).

For the next 21 days, try 1 different bodyweight exercise each day.

1 exercise per day. 21 different exercises performed in 21 days. If you cannot perform some of these moves, simply repeat a couple of exercises which you can do. 

Perform 8-10 total sets per day. 

Beginners: 20 / 20 seconds of work / rest timer protocol. 

Intermediate: 30 / 20 seconds of work / rest protocol.

Download a free interval workout timer app on your phone and set it with the relevant time frame based on your training level.

Total duration: 7 - 9 minutes daily.

How To Build Effective Full Body HIIT Workouts At Home?

How to build effective full body hiit workouts at home

To build effective total body HIIT workouts at home, follow these 6 steps: 

1. Pick 4-6 movements from the HIIT exercise list / video (top of the page).

2. If you are a beginner, set an interval timer app on your phone to 20 / 20 seconds of work / rest. And if you are an intermediate fitness trainee: 30 / 20 seconds of work / rest. 

3. Perform 4-6 sets for each one of your chosen HIIT exercises. 

4. Begin only by performing 4-6 sets for the first exercise, then move on to the second one and so on. Avoid the circuit workouts at the beginning. Once you get more proficient with the moements, then you can start combining them into super sets, giant sets, mini circuits or a bigger circuit training routine. 

5. Vary the exercises in order to create different demand on your body so you can progress and avoid hitting a plateau.

6. Perform such total body HIIT workouts at least 3 times weekly. 

Follow the 6 steps presented above and you will manage to build highly effective full body HIIT workouts at home. 

What Is a Total Body HIIT Workout Routine?

What is a total body HIIT workout

A total body HIIT workout refers to a full body workout where you will perform and combine cardio calisthenics exercises for certain amount of time followed by a resting period of time. You can perform a single movement or combine multiple HIIT exercises into a circuit training routine.  

What Are The Best HIIT Exercises For Weight Loss?

What are the best HIIT exercises

HIIT for fat loss is a common term when it comes to high intensity interval training workouts. The best HIIT exercises will be considered as full body movements that will recruit as maximal muscle groups as possible and will push your body to burn extra calories not just during the session but hours after it is finished (EPOC). This alone will help you lose weight with HIIT workouts. 

Hypothetically, if you now begin with HIITs and you manage to continue eating the same way, and sleeping like you were, you will lose weight. However, to accelerate this process, it is highly recommended for you to review your diet and focus on improving your sleep and recovery as well. 

There are not magical fat loss exercises. If there were, everyone would be FIT and with abs. But it's not how it works. Being healthy, balanced, with great workout and life performance, high energy and generally - in a good overall health and mindset will all require one single thing - a balance between your regular movement (working out), diet and nutrition. All of these combined will enhance your Fitness and push you towards achieving your GOALS. 

How Many Times Per Week To Perform Total Body HIIT Workouts?

How Many Times Per Week To Perform Total Body HIIT Workouts

Between 3 and 4 full body HIIT workouts weekly will work great for you. This training weekly structure will allow your body to recover from the high intensity sessions which will help you get better performance on each next workout and respectfully - progress faster with your overall fitness. 

Is It Okay To Do HIIT everyday? 

Definitely not. If your goal is to drop some body weight, it will not happen overnight, and over-training by doing HIITs everyday will not help you either. Instad, try to be smarter. Perform total body HIIT workouts 3-4 times weekly, eat in a balanced manner and sleep well. These 3 combined will skyrocket your weight loss results without crushing your body and ruing your health. Yes, doing HIITs everyday might have a seriously negative effect on your body and health. Avoid this. 

How To Start With HIIT As A Beginner?

How To Start With HIIT As A Beginner

Being a fitness beginner might be confusing regarding of where to start with HIIT exercises and workouts as well. Follow these steps below if you want a structured way of how to start with HIIT: 

1. Pick relevant HIIT exercises to your training level. Begin with the easiest movements that you can do and pick harder exercises over time when progress. 

2. Choose the right time frame: for beginners, it is recommended to begin with something easier as a working timer. 15 / 20, 20 / 20 , 20 / 30, 25 / 35 seconds of work / rest protocol as a start will work great for you. Avoid performing the classical tabata timer which is 20 / 10 sec. of work / rest because it's too intense and it is guaranteed that your exercise technique will be a crappy one which might be even dangerous for your body as it makes it to be prone to injuries. 

3. Beginners should start with 3 total body HIIT workouts weekly. No more than that. Once you get more proficient, than increase that number to 4-5 sessions weekly (if HIIT will be your only GO-TO training approach). 

4. Do not neglect the warm up and post-workout cool down. 

5. Foam roll and do mobility exercises in the time between workouts in order to loosen up the tight muscles and feel better in the upcoming sessions. 

If you have any difficulties with the steps above, you can always seek for help: HIIT workout plan for beginners.

20 and 30 Minute Total Body HIIT Workouts At Home

20 minute full body hiit workout at home

I value your participation here and with that in mind, I will share with you two bonus free workouts: 

1. 20 Minute Full Body HIIT Workout

2. 30 Minute Full Body HIIT workout

Summing It Up

The total body HIIT exercises are a great option for you to build effective at home workouts by yourself. In today's article, I have shared with you 21 full body exercises that can be combined in multiple ways in order to create efficient routines.

Perform total body HIIT workouts 3-4 times per week (no more than that) in order to lose body weight, get more conditioned, vital, energized and toned up. 

If you are a beginner, make sure to follow the 5 essential steps that I have shared with you (check a few chapters above). 

You can also try the 20 and 30 minute full body HIIT workouts by refering to the both videos shared. 

Do you like the total body HIIT workouts or you prefer another training methodology? 

Comment below.

Thanks for reading! 


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