An Easy Way to Stay FIT
When You Travel

All You Need is
a Rounded Light Resistance Band Needed
15-25kg Resistance

The Routine: 

4 Rounds each of:

20 Band Deadlifts

10-12 Band Push Ups

14/7 per arm Band Alternating Rows

15 Band Jump Squats

No rest between the exercises. 

Rest between rounds: 90 seconds

What This Workout
Will Do for You:

  • It will engage every single muscle in the body.
  • You'll burn more calories caused by the EPOC (called the "after-burn" effect. And refers to the number of calories your body burns after a workout ).
  • Uses only compound movements that trigger anabolic hormone stimulation.
  • It's a quick session which will recharge your power reserves.
  • You’re  able to adjust the repetitions (based on time available).
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor sessions. Bedroom, back yard or hotel room.   

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