Here's What My Clients Think About My Workouts 

Kiril Kirilov

Professional Barista, Brand Ambassador and father of a Baby Girl

"More energy than ever before! "

“Being a new Father, caring husband and Working 13 hours a day, is exhausting. Thank God for  Vlad's workout advice It saved me body and soul. There's nothing more valuable  than having the energy to play with my daughter after a long day’s work. With advice  from Vladimir, you’ll get results and enjoy your life again."

Patrik Vilhelmsson 

Business Owner, Traveller and Father of a 6 year old girl.

"Intestment In My Future"

" My life was mess. Crucial decisions to make every day, lot of business trips and Constant stress. Vladimir helped me change from bodybuilding to his Interval Training System. Now I workout all around the world without wasting time finding a suitable gym. All I need is a 2-3, lightweight tools in my backpack, 20-30 minutes time and I'm ready to go. "

Nikolay Penchev

Owner of an arm-wrestling professional club, an app developer and father of a 2 year old boy.

"Vlad's workouts are simple and highly effective!"

"He promised and delivered. Very practical, straight to the point workouts. He asks questions, listen, think, and tells you what to do. He's a great dude and  Easy to work with.  Already, 5 months of  working together, and I still continue to get results with his trainingsystem."

Alexander Oleynikov


"Vlad - The GIANT"

" I used to train like a maniac, until I tried Vladimir's workout approach. Now I train much less, perform short workouts at home and get better results! I am fitter, have more energy and not crashed after my workouts anymore. I Highly recommend Vlad’s system "

Iskren Spirov

Financial Consultant and an Adventurist

"Vladimir's travel workouts are fun & Insane"

" I Travel a lot and being consistent with my workouts was a serious issue to me. Vlad’s system showed me how I could keep the tempo going no matter the conditions. That was a huge gain for me. I Highly recommended this training system to anybody who has to travel for a living or is too busy to invest hours of training. "

Vanyo Dimitrov

Owner of a Marketing Agency & a Yoga Practinioner

"My focus was lost" 

" Getting clients good results requires to be concentrated and focused. Unfortunately for many years before I met Vladimir, I had afternoon mental crashes, where I lost the plot. I never knew that overtraining was the problem.  After the first week working with Vlad - I got stunning results, I was able cut my wasted work input and increase results due to clear thinking. Grateful to Vlad’s knowledge. "

Vanyo Dimitrov

Brand Ambassador of Campari & Aperol Spritz, Muay Thai Amateur Fighter and Father of a 7 Year old Boy.

"Vlad Helped Me Find The Balance"

" At age of 46, consistent tough training is a difficult task. Now Vlad’s system has shown me  that consistent practical is a lot easier. I'm no longer overtraining, no more joint pains, lack of energy and sore muscles."

Vasil Vasilev 

Support Manager 

"Lost the fat, feel amazing"

" For 60 days, I've lost 17lbs while keeping my muscle mass. I'm more conditioned and focused at work. Really great job. Vlad is - the man. "

Vladimir Nikolov

Massage Therapist and a Father of Twin Boys.

"Super easy to work with"

" My profession as a massage therapist requires constant energy, focus and strength endurance. By following Vladimir's training advice, I was able to improve all of these needs, and the result? My working days became a real pleasure, now in the evenings I have energy to play with the boys and be more connected to my family. "

Daniel Pazvantov 

Restaurant Owner & Football Expert

"Gained 10 pounds and have more stamina to play football"

" Gaining muscle was always an issue for me. When started my work with Vladimir, the goal was to gain 5lbs of muscle without sacrificing my football performance (I play twice a week football with friends). Happily, I gained 10lbs in 90 days, got stronger and more powerful, and don’t get pushed off the ball anymore.

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