Workout Routine For Legs

Intense workout routine for legs without equipment. Try this interval lower body workout, get real pump, fatigue and satisfaction. Try today! Join Me.


60 Minute Workout Routine For Legs (Intense - No Equipment)

Your Workout Routine
For Legs Details:

Do 3 Sets for Each Of The Following Exercises: 

1. Jumping Lunge Stretch - 20 repetitions 

2. Tuck Jump - 12 repetitions 

3. Hamstring Walk - 5 times (1 time/rep is walking back to contract your hamstrings and going out in a starting position).  

4. Sprinter Jump Step - 12 repetitions per leg (No Rest Between) 

5. The Grounding Lunge - 20 total repetitions (alternating) 

6. Skater lunge to side shuttle - 8 total repetitions. 1 repetition is 2 skater jumps (so you can turn back to the starting position) and 2 lengths of side shuttle (3-4 steps per side). 

7. 1.5 Forward to Reverse Lunge - 8 repetitions per leg (No Rest Between) 

8. Side High Knee Sprint to Speed Burpee - 10 total lengths. 1 length is 6-8 high knee steps per side + 1 speed burpee. 

9. Seated Bottom Ups - 25 repetitions 

Do 3 total sets for each of the above-mentioned exercises. 

Rest between sets: 75 seconds 

Rest between exercises: 2 minutes. 

Workout training level: Intermediate

What Is

A Good Workout

Routine For Legs?

Workout Routine For Legs

A good workout routine for legs can be considered a complete lower body session that will target all of the muscles in your legs. 

Quads, hamstrings and glutes. In addition, a good workout routine for legs can be a very "broad" statement and it's hard to be specifically answered. However, we will discuss a few things. 

1. A good workout routine for legs can be any legs session that's helping you progress and stick within your training program. 

2. It can be a solid strength legs workout, a hypertropy one, power legs workout, endurance leg session etc. Based on your goal, you can determine if your leg sessions are good or not. If you progress and move forward achieving your goal, then we can state that this is a good workout routine for legs. 

Disclaimer: in this article, I will share with you knowledge that will not involve weight legs training. We will focus mainly on bodyweight legs exercises, workout frames and how to structure a good weekly workout routine for legs. 

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What Are The Best Exercises

For Your Workout Routine

For Legs?

Squat variations - two feet squat, jump squat, 1.5 jump squat, prisoner squat, shrimp squat, pistol squat, split squat, front foot elevated split squat, bulgarian squat, jumping bulgarian squat, 1.5 bulgarian squat, 1.5 jumping bulgarian squat, knee to chest explosive bulgarian squat

Lunge variations - regular forward lunge, reverse lunge, forward to reverse lunge, jumping lunge, 1.5 jumping lunge, walking lunge, walking lunge with switch, lunge runner 

Step ups - step up, alternating step up, jumping/explosive step up, one legged jumping step up, step up with slow negative

Posterior legs chaing - Glute bridges, hamstring walks, running sprints

As you can see, there are lots of ideas when it comes to bodyweight/no equipment exercise selection for your workout routine for legs. 

What's the missing link? 

I believe the only thing that you might want to consider when you perform your bodyweight lower body workouts is your hamstrings. 

The posterior chain is rarely targeted directly with the bodyweight workouts. With that spoken, I believe one small addition to your workout routine for legs, will do miracles here. 

A circle strength resistance band. 

Get medium resistance 25-45lbs and do deadlifts, one legged deadlifts, good morning, one legged good morning and stiff leg deadlift. All of these with the resistance band in order to work on your hamstrings. 

Remember, you need to target all of your leg muscles in order to get a good/complete workout routine for legs. 

How Many Times

A Week Should You 

Work Out Legs?

Workout Routine For Legs

Great question. 

If your goal is to tone up your legs, get endured and with more stamina, then follow this: 

1. Do 3-4 HIIT workouts per week. Interval workouts or circuit training workouts are fine as well. No equipment, pick exercises that will be more "jumpy once". More plyometric stuff, less workout volume (be careful to not do too many total exercises in these workouts). 3 rounds is better than 4 rounds here. 

2. Do 2 classic/strength/muscle build calisthenics legs workouts (pick 6-8 exercises and do 3-4 sets for each). Plus, do 2-3 conditioning, jumping rope, sprinting, kick-boxing, biking workouts. Bodyweight exercises are welcome as well. Again, keep the plyo thing here. 

If your goal is to get bigger legs with calisthenics, then I would recommend: 

3 full body workouts per week, at least. 4 workouts will be fine as well. Include 2-3 legs exercises for each full body workout. Make sure to include more variety so you can stress the leg muscles in different ways. 

Can I Workout 

Legs Everyday?

Workout Routine For Legs

Yes, absolutely. 

But you need variety and different types of stress in order to avoid over-training. Plus, to make your leg training more fun.

But is it recommended to do workout routines for legs 7 days per week? 

Your legs muscles like any other in the human body need recovery in order to function optimally and perform well. If you're constantly fatigued, your performance will drop over time and you will not get mentally satisfied by your workout routine for legs. 

There's no logic behind such approach. 

You will not get fitter, there's a high risk from overtraining, messing up your hormones and overall health in general. If I were you, I would definitely avoid that. 

How To Do Workout Routine For

Legs Everyday Without


Workout Routine For Legs

Let's avoid the 7 days scenario of doing workout routine for legs. Make sure to walk at least 5000-10 000 steps per day to enhance your recovery. Post-workout would be the best choice. 

I suggest to look closer into a 5 or 6 legs weekly workout schedule that you can follow.

Here are my thoughts: 

1. Monday - Full body, bodyweight workout (2-3 legs exercises + upper body exercises) 

2. Tuesday - Jumping rope, riding a bicycle, mountain hike - more cardio, high repetitions, lower intensity/cardio exercises for a longer duration work. 

3. Wednesday -  Full body, bodyweight workout (2-3 legs exercises + upper body exercises)

4. Thursday - Jumping rope, riding a bicycle, mountain hike - more cardio, high repetitions, lower intensity/cardio exercises for a longer duration work. 

5. Friday - Full body, bodyweight workout (2-3 legs exercises + upper body exercises

6. Saturday - Jumping rope, riding a bicycle, mountain hike - more cardio, high repetitions, lower intensity/cardio exercises for a longer duration work. 

Sunday - complete rest. Mobility session is welcome for your recovery. 

This is a high frequency training template that you can use in order to strengthen, build muscle and in general to not just tone up your legs but skyrocket your legs speed, agility, stamina, endurance and explosive strength as well. 

PS: in the full body bodyweight workouts, target 3-5 upper body exercises as well, after you finish with the 2-3 lower body exercises. 

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How Many Exercises

Should I Do On Leg Day?

Workout Routine For Legs

The number of legs exercises that you can include in your workout routine for legs will be determined by the number of leg workouts that you'll perform on a weekly basis. 

The fewer the leg workout routines, the more exercises need to be done. From the opposite side, the more frequent you hit your leg muscles, the less number of exercises needs to be included in your sessions. 

Here are a couple of scenarios you can refer to: 

6 workouts per week - 3 times per week, target 2-3 legs exercises, 3 times do longer duration work such as jumping rope or riding a bicycle. Walk a lot as well. 

5 workouts per week - 2 times per week, target 6-8 legs exercises. 3 times do longer duration work such as jumping rope or riding a bicycle. Walk a lot as well. 

4 workouts per week - 2 times per week, target 6-8 legs exercises. 2 times do longer duration work such as jumping rope or riding a bicycle. Walk a lot as well. 

3 workouts per week - 2 times per week, target 8-10 legs exercises. Do 1 workout of longer duration work such as jumping rope or riding a bicycle. Walk a lot as well. 

2 workouts per week - 2 times per week, target 8-10 legs exercises and do a legs workout finisher, jump rope, treadmill, or bike interval HIIT workout. 

How Long Does It Takes

To Tone Up Your Legs?

Workout Routine For Legs

It really depends on what kind of workouts do you follow. 

In my opinion, there's nothing else like the jumping rope to tone up your legs. It's a no brainer, you will get results still on Week 1! 

Your energy will spike, your foot work will improve, get more endured, walk easier and enjoy your leg strength and "lightness". It's a miracle training tool and if you're still wondering how to tone your legs in 1 week or less, then get a jumping rope, go outdoor and hit an outstanding JP session! 

Besides the jump rope, there are lots of jumping bodyweight exercises that will increase your explosive power and will definitely tone up your legs. 

How Can I Grow Bigger Legs 

Without Weights?

Workout Routine For Legs

Lots of repetitions, pauses, slow negatives, reverse ladders and in a nutshell, high volume workout routines for legs. 

To grow your leg muscles without weights, you will have to figure out how to increase the volume (end number of repetitions performed) of your workouts. Keep in mind, even if you manage to get results, these will be way insignificant compared with the results you'll get by lifting weights. 

I'm honest here. We don't have to foolish ourselves that we can develop big and pumped legs only with bodyweight exercises. 

Instead, in my opinion, a lot better skills you can develop if you're smart about your workout routine for legs. 

Endurance, agility, explosiveness, stamina, and looking shredded, your legs can only benefit from the bodyweight exercises. So these are a bit more realistic expectations that we can have with our bodyweight workout routine for legs. 

However, here are a few "tactics" that will work wonders and help your leg muscles grow and get stronger: 

1. Train your legs more frequently - 4-5 days per week. 

2. Increase the applied TUT (Time Under Tension) - by doing more pauses, increase your lowering part of the leg exercise (the negative/eccentric portion of the movement), try reverse ladders OR 100 repetition exercises (100 reps work every time). 

3. Increase the leg workout routine's volume - in general, the more repetitions here, the better. The dissadvantage of the bodyweight exercises is that you adapt quickly and to avoid that plateu, you need to increase the volume of your workouts. 

4. Increase the intensity of your workout routine for legs - by simply doing more advanced and challenging exercises. Over time, you will adapt and increase their volume as well. 

What Is The Best 

Training Equipment

That I Can Use In My

 Workout Routine For Legs?

Workout routine for legs

If visiting the gym is not an option for you, and you're looking for effective training equipment to use in your leg workouts, then I have some options for you: 

1. Weighted vest - the vest is fantastic addition to your bodyweight lower body workouts. 

2.Pair of Dumbbells - get one of these and use at your home. 

3. Kettlebell - this is my favorite one for building lower body ballistic/explosive strength and improving my overall body's endurance. 

4. Jumping rope - we have already discussed that the rope is the best bang-for the buck investment to tone up your legs and get fitter - FAST. 

5. Resistance circle strengt band - I use these when I'm on "weights off" period. Great light-training tool that you can carry with you anywhere! Awesome for outdoor and travel workouts. 

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Summary Of The Best
Workout Routine For Legs
Without Equipment
full body exercises without weights

In this article, I have introduced yourself to a fantastic, complete workout routine for legs without equipment.

Training level: intermediate

Workout duration: around 60 minutes

We have also discussed what is the real meaning of good workout routine for legs, what are the best exercises for you to include in your leg workouts, how often to train your lower body etc. 

I highly encourage you to try this great all-round workout routine for legs. You will feel it, guaranteed. 

So what happens next? 

Give this one a test drive and let me know how it was for you. 

I would love to connect! 

Which exercise did you like most from your bodyweight workout routine for legs?  

Comment Below.

Coach Vlad

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Thanks For Reading! 

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